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If hazardous materials or bodily fluids have been introduced to a property, our certified Colorado bio-cleanup experts can make your property safely habitable once again. Filth, blood, and bodily fluids can all be a source of hazardous toxins that must be properly cleaned by licensed professionals such as the ones at Colorado Disaster Restoration. In order to effectively and efficiently clean a property, our technicians take several steps:

1. Our bio-cleaning team of professional technicians will analyze the Colorado home to locate the sources of potential hazards.

2. Colorado Disaster Restoration will also determine if any of our other bio cleanup services, such as our sanitation and disinfection, will be required.

3. Our bio clean up process is to clean surface stains and clutter and to remove any contents from the property that could potentially be hazardous.

4. Then, we use specialized stat- of-the-art bio cleanup equipment and highly trained technicians to identify hazardous materials and bacteria that are invisible to the naked eye.

5. We can identify hazardous materials and toxins such as bodily fluids, as well as from mold, trash, or neglected homes, and remove them safely in order to disinfect your property. Your Colorado property will be safe for any current and future occupants, and free from possible future causes of infections or disease. Once the property is decontaminated and clean, we focus on specialized odor removal. We use state-of-the-art equipment to remove harsh odors that can result from rot, mold, water damage, or decomposition, including thermal fogging and high-level ozone deodorization processes.

Our Denver Bio Cleanup Team:

When removing hazardous materials, safety is our #1 concern. Our technicians are always fully protected through Personal Protective Equipment, such as Tyvek® Suits, special gloves, air respirators, and specialized boots. This protective equipment allows our bio cleaning professionals to safely remove hazardous materials from your Colorado home and safely transport them to a federally-certified disposal location. We guarantee your property will be cleaned to meet federal safety standards, even if it was previously declared uninhabitable.

Bio Cleaning Services Include:

Crime Scene

Hazmat Cleanup

Trauma Cleanup

Death Cleanup Services

Homicide & Suicide Cleanup

Unattended Death

Blood and Other Bodily Fluids

Mold Removal

Our Bio Cleaning Services are available throughout the Denver Metro and Colorado Springs areas

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