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24/7 Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup Services

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Colorado Disaster Restoration provides bodily fluid bio-cleaning services 24 hours a day, to help both home and business owners recover from any unfortunate event, and gain peace of mind.

Do You Need Blood or Bodily Fluid Cleanup in the Denver area or Colorado Springs?

If a violent death or accident has occurred in your home or business causing blood spatters, blood pooling or bloods tains, our our Bodily Fluid Cleanup experts are available to help 24 hours a day.

Death scenes become a hazardous environment leaving property owners exposed to biological fluids that can cause disease. Colorado Disaster Restoration safely removes all blood and bodily fluids.  Our technicians will ensure the bloodied area is substantially cleaned and habitable for all. An unattended death and a decomposing body is an example of a biohazard causing blood seepage in a room

Cleaning Up Blood

After death, the body starts to decompose, blood starts to spread and seep causing damage to furniture, flooring and sub-flooring. Colorado Disaster Restoration will begin a cleaning and repair process of the affected area.

In the event of an accidental death, homicide or suicide, call us at (303) 242-5022 to schedule a clean up of the site once the authorities have cleared the scene.

Our certified technicians will restore your home or business along with your peace of mind. We can also help negotiate with your insurance company.

We put your mind at ease by eliminating the possibility of infectious diseases related to pathogens found in blood and body fluids. Working around blood is hazardous and requires a trauma cleanup crew that understand the risk, uncertainties, and the exposures.