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The trauma of a self-inflicted death or injury in itself is devastating, not to mention the process of cleaning and sanitizing the aftermath of the unfortunate event. Disaster Restoration has trained and experienced seed4 to help you through this difficult time. Our Crime scene cleanup Denver team will discreetly work to remove all blood, bodily fluids, decomposition and odors from the home. There is a level of sterilizing and sanitizing a crime scene that goes beyond what the human eye can detect. Blood, bodily fluids and decomposing matter does more than just stain surfaces. Microscopic material like bacteria and viruses are removed through our cleaning process, rendering a healthy and odor free environment.

Our Denver suicide cleanup expert members are experienced and trained not only in the handling of physical remains, but more importantly in handling them emotional toll that these situations deliver. Disaster Restoration understands the very fragile nature of the emotions surrounding the death of a loved one. Disaster Restoration takes the time to listen and is always willing to assist a grieving family in their most challenging and traumatic time of need. Call Disaster Restoration to speak with one of our crime scene cleaning technicians today.

Our crime scene cleanup Expansion1 crew will take care of everything and stabilize your home or business.

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Our technicians are licensed, experienced, professional with crime and trauma cleanup.

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