hazmat colorado

Colorado Disaster Restoration provides hazmat cleanup services throughout the Denver, Colorado metro area. Hazardous material may include biological fluids including blood and bodily fluids, and chemical spills.

Colorado Disaster Restoration works closely with local police, fire department and EMT first responders to make ensure that that hazardous situations are cleaned-up safely and sanitized.

Do Your Require Hazmat Cleanup Services?

Hazardous waste removal services, including chemicals left behind from tear gas can have a negative impact on a home or business. Our Hazmat cleanup crew are trained in hazardous material control & removal.

Our trauma scene cleanup experts can eliminate the risk of blood borne pathogens, microorganisms i.e., viruses or bacteria that is carried in blood and can cause disease.

Act quickly, call: (303) 242-5022!

Colorado Disaster Restoration takes full responsibility of ensuring a sanitary environment after a hazmat cleanup.

If you live or work in the Denver, Colorado metro area and need hazmat cleanup services, call now for immediate help.

Hazardous Waste Disposal Services To the entire Denver Metro