Certified Suicide Cleanup Services

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24/7 Discreet Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleaning

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The trauma of a suicide or any self-inflicted death in itself is devastating, not to mention the process of cleaning up the aftermath of the unfortunate situation. Colorado Disaster Restoration has trained and certified bio-cleaning professionals to help you through this tough time. Our certified  team will discreetly work to remove all bodily fluids and odors from the home.  There is a level of sterilizing and sanitizing a crime scene that goes way beyond what the eyes can see. The bodily fluids or decomposing matter does more than just stain surfaces, when exposed to oxygen, bacteria and toxins are released into the air and can become trapped in the carpet, walls, furniture, and even hardwood flooring. Our suicide cleanup team members are experienced and trained in detecting sources of potential toxic bacteria and removing them to comply with all federal standards.


Our technicians are licensed, experienced, professional with trauma and suicide cleanup.

We can respond to most death cleanups at any hour of the day or night. Disaster Restoration 24/7 response to accidental death, crime scene cleanup, trauma and blood & suicide cleanup scenes.

Call Now: (303) 242-5022