We sanitize and disinfect your property

If a property you own has been neglected, or has been the site of extreme filth or contamination, our sanitation and disinfection team can sanitize, disinfect and clean any Colorado property. We are certified to handle toxins and hazardous waste, and we have both the equipment and the experience to clean and disinfect your property, even those that require bio cleaning services.

Cleaning up fire, water or smoke damage can turn into a financial mess for property owners. Homeowners and business owners need to hire a company that will come in and begin damage control. Our professional technicians provide free estimates and complete clean-up & recovery services.

Homeowners, Insurance Companies and Businesses hire us to save personal property. We are give quick, thorough estimates, and A1 quality work.

Emergency Clean Up With Colorado Disaster Restoration

No matter what the emergency,  crime and trauma scene, water restoration, mold remediation our company will provide 24 hour bio-hazardous clean up services to commercial and residential customers. We assess and decontaminate of blood and bodily fluids caused by homicide, suicide, accidents, human decompositions, or gross filth / hoarding distressed properties. We also have experience decontaminating chemically effected facilities.

Colorado Disaster Restoration specializes in preserving your property and rebuilding damaged structures, instead of just tearing down and building again from scratch. This saves both time and money and helps to preserve the original structures in your Colorado home or building, and even reinforces them against future damage.

If you have a structure that needs restoration or cleanup, give Colorado Disaster Restoration a call today. We will be happy to discuss your situation and give you an estimate for the work that needs to be done.