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Not all restoration companies were created equal, it’s important to use a qualified Denver restoration company that focuses primarily on Sewage Cleanup. You have come to the right place: we have the resources, experience & crew members to effectively minimize your Denver sewage damaged property or home.  Put your trust in our IIRC certified Denver Sewage Cleanup crew.

Denver Sewage Cleanup demands an quick answer.  The more time waste water rests in your flooded room, the more damage is carried out to your home. We recognize the problems involved and our Denver Sewage Cleanup experts have the resources to deal with your urgent situation quickly and effectively.

Termed “black water”, raw sewage contains numerous air and blood born pathogens capable of causing severe adverse health effects.  Gram positive and gram negative bacteria are present by the millions in this grossly unsanitary water. When dealing with sewage intrusion, state and local regulations regarding proper removal and handling must be followed carefully.  In addition, OSHA mandates that all workers must be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment such as HEPA filtered respirators, eye and hand protection and protective suits.

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Our guarantee to you is simple: our Denver water removal service will provide the greatest level of expert assistance and make your Denver Sewage Cleanup process as easy as possible. So call us today for a fast response and free estimate!

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